Care & Maintenance Tips

One of the most frequent questions we get is, “how do I take care of my furniture?” Everyone knows that wood furniture requires some basic maintenance to remain in a “like-new” condition, but what exactly are the do’s and don’ts of furniture care?

Preventative Care

The best way to ensure that your furniture lasts is to protect it from potential damage.

We recommend:

  • Coasters: Simply placing a coaster underneath your glasses will provide a layer of protection against unwanted water stains.

  • Placemats & Table Cloths: Not only do placemats & table cloths make your table look complete, they also protect your table from water, food, and other stains.

  • Trivets: Always place a barrier between hot (or moist) objects and wood.

  • Consistent Temperature & Humidity: Ideally, the temperature in your house should remain constant and the humidity should stay roughly between 45% - 50% all year round. Simply air conditioning your house in the summer should be adequate. Winter months often require both heating and adding moisture to the air via a humidifier. Major fluctuations in temperature or humidity could cause table tops to split or crack.

  • Desk Pads: Writing directly on any wood surface is not recommended. Although many woods are hard and durable (such as Ash, Hickory, Maple, or Oak), they are no match for a ball-point pen. Using a desk pad will guarantee that you won’t leave any marks on the surface, as well as protect from ink bleeding through onto your table or desk.

  • Regular Dusting & Cleaning: Frequently wipe clean and dust all surfaces. Not only will your furniture look better, but you will be more likely to notice potential problems or damage.


heirloom essentials.jpg

There are times when deep cleaning is necessary. You spill a glass of wine, your kid drizzles sticky syrup all over the table, or someone forgets to use a coaster. All of our furniture is sealed and protected by several layers of polyurethane, making it easy to clean.

  • Wipe up any liquids with a dry cloth as soon as possible to avoid stains.

  • For sticky messes use a damp rag with mild dish soap or Heirloom Essentials Spotless Furniture Cleaner. Dry the surface immediately after cleaning. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals (anything containing ammonia or bleach).

  • Stain removal is difficult once the stain has penetrated the finish. Usually requiring the surface to be sanded and refinished.


Polishers go beyond cleaning, giving your furniture a long lasting shine. Most people polish their furniture while they are dusting by using Pledge or other common polishing agents. These polishers contain Silicone oil, the element responsible for the long lasting shine. Although Silicone oil does not damage the finish, it can cause problems if your furniture ever needs to be refinished (Popular Woodworking has an excellent article on the effects of Silicon oil).

We recommend Heirloom Essentials for both polishing and cleaning, which we sell at our store. Containing no wax or Silicone oil, it will clean and polish your furniture without any negative side effects.


Here at EZ Mountain Rustic Furniture we sell furniture that will last for generations. With a little time and care your furniture will look like new as long as you own it. Plus, a few dents and scratches add to the rustic appeal and character already present in each piece.

If you have any questions about taking care of your furniture, give us a call at 570-355-5550 or send an email to