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American Made


 We love our country
Which is why we make everything in the usa

Why Buy Local? 

  • Exceptional Service: Buying online is becoming more and more popular, but no online shop can match our level of service. Stop by our store and experience the best customer service around. Since we are a small family business everything is personal, even our deliveries.

    • Custom Orders: Change dimension, or design your own piece. Bring us pictures, decide which wood species you prefer, and we’ll build it.

    • Delivery & Set-Up: We offer both drop off and white glove service. With our white glove service, you simply tell us where to place your new furniture, we’ll do the rest.

    • Get to Know the Owner: Although all our staff is friendly and knowledgeable (as well as related), you’ll have the privilege of working directly with the owner.

    • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand behind everything we sell. Each piece is handmade by skilled craftsmen from kiln dried logs and lumber. Have a problem? Give us a call at 570-355-5550 or send an email to

  • Support our Local Economy: Why support another country’s economy when you can boost ours?

    •  Every piece of furniture we sell is made in the USA, mostly here in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

  • Avoid High Shipping & Handling Costs: No matter how you look at it, shipping furniture is expensive. “Free Shipping” isn’t free, its simply built into the price you already paid.

    • If your within 4-5 hours of our store it’s almost always cheaper to pick it up yourself (even if that means renting a truck), or meet us somewhere in the middle.

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